PrincessCum-Delilah Day Measuring My Stepbrothers Dick
Published on: 23 Feb, 2023 3.36K views

Kyle Mason is watching TV when his stepbrother Delilah Day tells him she got a tattoo. Kyle wants to see, but Delilah claims it’s in an inappropriate spot. She says she may let him see someday. When Delilah hesitates and says that she could show Kyle now, then transitions to what kind of a dad Kyle would be, Kyle cheerfully plays along. Instead of putting out, though, Delilah prances out of the room. Later that day, Delilah returns in a miniskirt and plops herself into Kyle’s lap. She shows him that she has put a ruler onto her arm and needs to see how he’ll measure up. Once Delilah has laid out her conditions, Kyle gets to his feet so she can measure. Pleased with the results, Delilah goes right to sucking. This girl loves the cock, as evidenced by her absolute delight in sucking that big one down. Pushing Kyle onto the couch, Delilah straddles him. She peels off her miniskirt, pulls her thong to the side, and then sinks down onto that nice man meat. Riding her stepbro in cowgirl is good, but getting it on in reverse cowgirl is even better since Kyle can manhandle that ass. Kyle keeps up the good work by driving his cock into Delilah as she lays on her stomach. Rolling onto her back, Delilah welcomes Kyle back inside until he fills her to the brim with his big load of cum.
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